How are we going to help you?

We are the market advisor, story teller, connection builder and go-getters you need to expand your business in Asia.



Product Launch Campaign

We use our expertise to help brands strategize and implement integrated product launch campaigns in China by leveraging the synergy between original social media content, influencer marketing, offline event cross-overs, local showroom and boutique access, etc.



WeChat & Little Red Book Official Shops

Get a mobile shop on the “super app” WeChat and the “Chinese Instagram” Little Red Book. An official shop will not only bring you closer to Chinese customers through D2C marketing, but it will also allow customers to purchase directly on the apps they use the most.



Brand Website Establishment

For emerging brands determined to make their first marks, we offer website building service with SEO maximization tailored to the brand’s characteristics. With thoughtful and on-point web designs, brands can showcase their products and generate sales through cross-border e-commerce.


Influencer Marketing


We work closely with a community of iconic influencers who will promote your brand and products through engaging online and offline contents, directly to your target market.


 Cross-border Payment & Logistics


No matter if it’s cross-border payment, taxation, inventory warehousing or order delivery to customer, our connected team with legal expertise will handle all the hassles and offer you the peace of mind. 



Financing & Incubation

With backgrounds in venture capital and banking, we also look for premium brands with values that resonate with ours for strategic partnerships. HOOLU can be your authentic Asian partner who will provide support with supply chain financing, brand incubation, equity investment, etc. for the benefit of our businesses and common cause.