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Digital Marketing

With our expertise and well-developed networks in Asia, we have access to the best business tools and media channels to tell the story of your brand.

  • Brand messages tailored for Chinese audience

  • Targeted online & offline influencer engagement


When it comes to e-commerce, China has its own rules of the game. With intelligence backed with thoughtful research and analysis, we can help our clients establish retail outlets on WeChat and RED - opening the right gates to China with direct sales representative.


Chinese Social Media Intro | RED

A Chinese Instagram equivalent

RED is the fastest growing UGC platform in China


Registerd Users


Daily Active Users


Female Users


Tier-1 City


RED Flagship Store

Influencer-led contents and orders

Official screening for brand flagship store on RED is extremely stringent. We are able to get you in!

Our broad influencer network will not only showcase your products, but they will direct followers straight to the product pages for purchase.

Sample of RED content and product link for purchase

   Louis Vuitton is the first international     luxury brand to have a flagship store on RED


Chinese Social Media Intro | WeChat

The most powerful online social platform in China, with an emerging and vibrant e-commerce presence


Monthly Active Users


Official Accounts


Online Payment

Market Share


Daily Active Users

of Mini-Programs

WeChat Offical Account

WeChat Mini-Program Store

with cross-boarder payments

Subscribers can learn about your brand and receive all the latest updates from your news feed.

A built-in shop where customers can complete their orders without leaving the app

Payment & Logistics

HOOLU works with premium logistic and payment partners to provide seamless and hassle-free logistic and payment service for our clients. With all the ground work taken care of, our clients will have little to worry, even though they might be in another country.

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