Every brand has a story.
We are here to help you tell yours
in Asia.

With a deep understanding and a broad network in Asia, we are an energetic team of business experts and social media gurus who joined together to achieve one mission - to connect beautiful products to beautiful people.


With this vision in mind, HOOLU was founded as a one-stop digital marketing and e-commerce solution that helps ambitious global brands to not only expand their presence in Asia, but also penetrate deep into desired markets through retail.

Looking to enter the China market?

We offer three main solutions that suit your varied needs.


One-stop solutions for business expansion in China,  which covers everything from full distribution representation, marketing and branding, e-commerce management, inventory financing and incubation and more.


We know the best way to create buzz and make impacts in China. Through thoughtful digital marketing and targeted online/offline influencer engagement, we will pave the way for your brand to bring the products to a prepared market.


Be in the know before you act. Opt for our consulting service and build your China market knowledge with the help of our expertise. We will bring you up-to-date with the latest market analysis and cross-border policies for your first move in China.

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What is HOOLU?

The name "HOOLU" comes from ancient Chinese myths, where a "hoolu" ("gourd" in Mandarin) is often used as a mystical container to keep incredible treasures. Once the "hoolu" is opened, all the goodies inside will be released to bring wonders.

Get in touch with us to explore the wonders we can do for you.

"I don't believe in shortcuts. I just believe in doing what I love."

Tracy Zhong, CEO of HOOLU